sustainability requirements

Applicable to Vertical and Horizontal Projects

Criteria and Reporting

  1.  UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements, most current version:
    1.  Review section 1-4 UFC Applicability; confirm eligibility in its entirety
    2.  For “occupied” buildings, 100% of the UFC requirements must be addressed as written
      1.  Some requirements may be N/A in specific circumstances - see paragraph 4-2
    3.  Apply threshold requirements in Table 1-1 (note that this table is from UFC 1-200-02 with Change 4, dated 1 Oct 2019. A/Es must confirm if the UFC has been updated, and must apply the most current version for all projects).
    4. Table 1-1 Compliance Requirement/Thresholds

      Requirement Thresholds
      Chapter 1 All design and construction activity1; and assessments of existing buildings\4\ ≥10,000 GSF./4/
      Chapter 2 All design and construction activity1
      Chapter 3 Assessments of existing building assets\4\ ≥10,000 GSF./4/
      Chapter 4

      Tracking\1\of HPSB Guiding Principles Compliance (use Component HPSB Checklist and guidance2)/1/

      \1\Addition of/1/Third Party Certification

      1.  Each new building \4\≥10,000 GSF/4/\1\ /1/

      2.  Each renovation3 in an existing building \4\≥10,000 GSF/4/, with \1\total4/1/ cost greater than $3M5 and 50% ERC6, and with comprehensive replacement3 (include additions that are part of the building renovation)

      3.  Assessments of existing building assets \4\≥10,000 GSF./4/ \1\/1/

      1.  Each new building \4\≥10,000 GSF/4/, with construction cost greater than $3M5, unless Component policy is more stringent\2\/2/.

      2.  Each renovation3 in an existing building \4\≥10,000 GSF/4/, with \1\total4 /1/cost greater than $3M5 and 50% ERC6, and with comprehensive replacement3 (include additions that are part of the building renovation).

      Appendices All projects as applicable.
    5.  Horizontal infrastructure and utilities projects: UFC 1-200-02 outlines requirements for enclosed, occupied buildings. Several portions of the requirements may also apply to horizontal projects and can be incorporated and tracked to contribute to Tyndall’s overall sustainability goals. Applicable UFC 1-200-02 paragraphs may include, but are not limited to, the following:
      1.  1-8 CYBERSECURITY
      2.  2-2.1.1 Integrated Planning
      5.  2-6.1 (except 2-6.1.3) Environmentally Preferable Products
      6.  2-6.2.2 Waste Diversion
  2.  Compliance Reporting:
    1.  Report using the AF Sustainability Requirements Scoresheet per item (3), listed below.
    2.  Report qualifying buildings meeting the TPC thresholds in (1) b. to AFCEC per item (4), below.
    3.  Report buildings not meeting the UFC applicability thresholds to 325 CE, for inclusion with installation totals. [contact/email address TBD; submit inquiry within individual projects as needed to determine proper authority]
    4.  Report horizontal projects’ applicable data to 325 CE, for inclusion with installation totals. See (3) b.ii, below.
  3.  AF Sustainability Requirements Scoresheet:;
    1.  Separate scoresheet is required for each building or horizontal project
  4.  DB, RFP development and post award; DBB, design and construction: Send tracking and reporting to <> at the following project milestones:
    1.  All RFP and design reviews - AF Sustainability Requirements Scoresheet (in native file format) and Design Analysis
    2.  Third party certification (TPC) design review complete - revised AF Sustainability Requirements Scoresheet and TPC design compliance report
    3.  Construction complete - revised AF Sustainability Requirements Scoresheet, final Sustainability eNotebook, and DD1354
    4.  TPC complete - final AF Sustainability Requirements Scoresheet and TPC final compliance report

Related Criteria and References:

  1. UFGS 01 33 29, Sustainability Reporting (for DBB) -
  2. UFGC 01 33 29.05 20, Sustainability Reporting (for DB) -
  3. Energy compliance, 10 CFR 433 (for DB) - During RFP development, a solution will be identified that achieves compliance with 10 CFR 433; the post-award design solution can vary but only if the solution is life-cycle cost effective (LCCE) and achieves a higher energy efficiency.
  4. LCCA guidance: UFC 3-410-01 - HVAC Systems, Appendix E
  5. UFC 3-440-01, Facility-Scale Renewable Energy Systems,
    Screening tools mentioned in the UFC can be used to determine if photovoltaic (PV) and solar domestic hot water are LCCE; provide details if renewable energy requirements will be met using an installation approach.